Meet Lacy

Lacy Kirkland has worked on some of the top multi-million dollar online product launches for the most influential people in health, human performance, marketing and psychology. She now uses what she had learned in the information marketing world, to share her own passions and gifts with the world. Lacy spends her days coaching Entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams, balance their lives and live with greater purpose, clarity and courage as they bravely create their dream life. She is a to Lacy grew up studying communication, mediation, psychology, motivation and perception. She’s insatiably curious about why people do what they do. Lacy is a ninja when it comes to identifying blocks and moving people through them into greater power, understanding and focus. Recently Lacy released a course on communication in relationships called the 5 Laws for Remarkable Love. She is transforming relationships through Emotional Intelligence and Communication Coaching. Email Lacy to schedule a free strategy session.

Lacy’s goals in life are to:

  • Help people remember who they are and live a life they love
  • Be and share more love in the world
  • Prove that there is ALWAYS a way
  • Care more than anyone else

    How to DEAL with your sh*t, HANDLE your disappointment, FIND your way, TEACH your brain how to work to get what you want, and BELIEVE in yourself (and in others) again. You can do this. I can help. >>> ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL TO GET ACCESS:

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