I study what makes people feel happy, purposeful, and ALIVE. I'm fascinated by what we value most and what we'll wish most at the end of our lives... I use this information to help others develop habits, beliefs, and routines that lead to a bold, deliberate and purposeful life... A life they'll be proud to look back on many years from now. 



Lacy Kirkland is a Certified High Performance Coach, writer, speaker, consultant, and corporate leadership trainer. For the last 11 years Lacy has coached, consulted and trained Executives in hospitality brands including: MGM, Ameristar, Mandarin Oriental and Foxwoods. She also works with startups and personal/professional development brands to develop world-class company culture across brands for experts including Brendon Burchard and JJ Virgin among others. 

Lacy uses her 25+ year background in personal development and her training in communication, mediation and conflict resolution as well as coaching to get immediate results for clients and their teams. 

If you are anything less than ECSTATIC about yourself, your life, your relationship, your company, your job, and the people you work with,Lacy can help. Apply here to book a free strategy session with Lacy.  

Lacy is known for:

  • Moving high achievers from a life of accomplishment without fulfillment to living value driven lives.
  • Facilitating engagement toward higher employee retention, greater ROI, deeper connection with peers, the brand, their goals and passions both personally and professionally, and the daily habits that allow people to create lives they aspired to. 
  • Getting clients UNstuck.
  • Leading clients to live a life of choice, beyond their circumstances.
  • Gaining greater passion, clarity, purpose, courage, energy, and productivity.
  • Developing a positive mindset for greater success and happiness.

Lacy's accomplishments include:

    • Moving people to completely change their lives for the better.
    • She has worked behind the scenes to create and run some of the most successful online product launches to date for clients including JJ Virgin and Brendon Burchard.
    • In just two years for one client, she co-created and ran 3 NY Times Best-selling book launches, (two of which were in the same year!), built and ran a multi-million dollar earning affiliate marketing program, grew her client's email lists by 300,000 people from one NY Times launch, co-designed and rolled out 10+ product and program launches, and developed a Customer Support system able to process 10,000 emails/week seamlessly.

Lacy believes that if we know something that can help someone, it's our responsibility to share it. That's how she runs her businesses and lives her life. She feels fortunate to serve so many heart-centered people with dreams and goals of making our world a better place each and every day. 

When she's not traveling, she spends most of her time in favorite Oregon Coast beach town with her wife, Maggie and their Italian Greyhound, Ruby Slippers.



I grew up going to personal growth events and reading Personal development, motivation, and positive psychology not only changed my life, it saved my life...

I was born 2 months premature and I weighed 3 lbs. I was born with a birth defect that 1/300,000 babies were born with at the time, that required immediate surgery. Doctors told my parents to give up on me, that I probably wouldn't survive anyway, and that if I did, that I would never live a normal life. My parents refused to listen and thankfully a procedure developed just 2 years before I was born, saved my life.

At the age of 15, I battled severe depression. Every single day at school, I called my Mom from the payphone outside with the 35 cents I took from my Dad’s change bowl each morning. Fortunately for me, my Mom always picked up the phone and I kept battling my own inner gremlins.

By the time I was 16, I was diagnosed with chronic pain as a result of damaged nerves, told I would be disabled for the rest of my life, would never have a real job, would be numbed by pain pills, and wouldn't amount to anything.

At the age of 17, I battled 2 life-threatening bacterial infections.

By 19-years-old I had undergone 5 major surgeries.


I taught myself how to heal from depression and chronic pain and I now teach people how to heal their own physical and emotional pain. I have dedicated my life to helping people create lives beyond their circumstances in order to advance their own lives and careers.

I love studying the human condition and I’ve spent the last 25 years studying healing, communication, relationships, conflict resolution, happiness, success and emotional intelligence. I speak and write about life with my wife, Maggie, in an effort to teach people how to build and nurture emotionally intelligent lives and relationships.

I never set out to be a writer. I found it because it helped me make sense of the world as a teenager. I write now because I find that I become a better person, a greater lover, a more brave human, a loving soul, and a more empathetic creature through writing. I write because it leads me home, to myself, to greater connection and understanding. I share my writing because people tell me it helps them and I believe that if we know something that can help someone, it’s our responsibility to share it.


I spend my days as a Certified High Performance Coach serving incredible clients, writing about life and personal development, creating video courses and programs, and fulfilling my 17 year old dream of running a positive clothing company, Matter Apparel, that helps people literally wear their care.

When I’m not working, I’m listening to podcasts, playing on the beach, watching as many sunsets as possible, playing with friends and family, hiking, adventuring, reading, watching Netflix with my love, and making yummy food. 

I live with my wife and our Italian Greyhound, Ruby Slippers, in our favorite Oregon Coast beach town.

 If I can help you with anything or support you on your own journey, please do reach out. I'm here and happy to help. The world really does need what you have to give. Keep going, if anyone is going to find their way, it is you. There is always a way. Believe it, and you will find it. 

You matter. You are enough. You belong here.



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I'm a Brand Marketing Strategist and Certified High Performance Coach. I am obsessed with helping people share their stories, knowledge and expertise with the world. I believe that when we know something that can help someone, that it's our responsibility to share it with the world. 

I've been helping people share themselves with the world and build lucrative, life-changing online businesses for the last 12 years. 

In those 12 years, running multiple- multi-million dollar companies, NY Times Best-Selling book launches, and $MM earning product launches, I noticed something I couldn't get over. 

As my Information Marketing Expert clients shared their expertise with the world live on stages and in intimate private masterminds, I watched their audiences and masterminds ranging from 10-2,000 people struggle. No matter how much they spent, they struggled... They attended these multi-day events and they felt on top of the world while they were there. They felt they had everything they needed to finally do the thing, whatever it was for them. They left my clients events AMPED. They were crying with joy and relief, high-fiving, and they'd found new growth friends to cherish for a lifetime. 

It all seemed to be everything they needed. 

Motivation: Check. 
Tools: Check. 
Community: Check. 
Someone to tell them how they did it: Check. 
New ideas: Check. 

However, no matter how much these people spent to learn what to do in order to build a business of sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world (and many of them spent HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars), only about 1% ... ONE PERCENT!!!! ever took what they learned from these events and high-level masterminds and were able to IMPLEMENT and EXECUTE these beautiful vision and grand plans. 

It wasn't because they weren't intelligent, or unmotivated, or what they wanted to share with the world was a dud of an idea. These people were all high performers, they were successful in so many other areas of their lives. It wasn't because they lacked the software, the programs or tools to make an online business work (many of them literally signed up for all the programs while still sitting in the audience of these events as expert speakers shared their personal resources).

Not at all. 

Then what was it? I wondered to myself 9 years ago.

What was it that they lost between the last day of the event or mastermind and 3 days later (and beyond) 

Here's what it was... They left inspired, motivated, hopeful, brave, and bold. They found and celebrated parts of themselves they'd never known to seen before. They had tools (many of them an overwhelming amount of them). 

However, they lacked the hands-on application where they took the expert speakers success, resources, tools, business and story and applied it to their own life. So when they got home, they had pages of notes, names and numbers of amazing new friends, and way too many subscriptions to all the programs they were told they'd need to start their business,


They lacked a path, a plan, a process, and someone to guide them step-by-step through the birth of their own new business. While they had a mentor or trainer to tell them how they did it themselves and what tools to use, these people didn't have someone to tell them the right steps to take, where to invest their money and resources, when to purchase a tool and why, what platform works best for their specific needs and goals, who to hire to help them, a (realistic) task list and launch timeline and ACCOUNTABILITY to actually do the thing they've dreamed of for so long. 

That's my job. I help my clients, reverse engineer their goals, live into their values, honor the lifestyle and contribution they want to share with the world, find their own voice, develop a plan, design products and programs, and implement and LAUNCH their own products and programs in the world. That's right, I'll sit with you on the phone or over text while you hit that "SEND" button and I'll cheer the loudest when you get your first, 25th, 100th customer and beyond... 

Seriously, I will.

You really can do this. You are capable and your ideas and gifts that you're passionate about sharing with the world are good enough... and for many of you, they're life changing. 

Check out a few my texts with one of my clients, Brandee, who just launched her new 2020 online membership program and course! She went from no email list, to a full course, membership program, and 105 paying membership clients on her FIRST LAUNCH! How amazing is that?! I love what I do and I hope it shows. You'll get to work, you'll make it happen (I'll show you how), and we'll have a darn good time while we're at it!


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