How To Stay Motivated and Keep Your Dreams Alive






  • "Whether it's day one for you or it's day 151 or it's day 3,000 or 5,000 or 500,000. How you choose to live your days and how you choose to create and contribute is the same when you are a newbie as it is when you are years into your career."

  • Try these 3 things daily -- starting TODAY -- to keep yourself on track, motivated and in pursuit of your passion and fulfillment of your dreams.

  • "This is my thing. Right now, it might not be a big thing, right? People might not know me from everywhere, but this is SOMETHING, and this is IMPORTANT and I want to share myself and my dream with the world and I want to feel a sense of greater PURPOSE, and importance and, and sharing and VIBRANCY. And this is how I feel like I can do it."

  • Watch the video to get the complete training.

  • "The cool thing about a dream is that it means that we can do or be anything. And the not cool thing about a dream -- the scary part, the part that...
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5 Steps to Overcome Fear of Failure



The options we have at this point in our lives, are amazing, but our fear of failure limits us. That's why, in this video, I'm going to teach you how to move beyond fear so you can live the good life... whatever that looks like for you.


Do you find yourself holding back in life, not showing up fully and taking the risks necessary to your growth and achievement because you're scared to fail? Maybe you were taught that you could only show up when you were perfect, when things were certain and failure wasn't an option... or a risk. Maybe like me, you learned that failure meant that YOU were a failure, not that you had given something your best, but it just didn't work out and that perhaps you could learn from it.

It's true, we can LEARN from failure. In fact, we learn MOST when life doesn't work out the way we planned. Do you agree?

Here are the 5 steps we must take to OVERCOME fear of failure:

Purposefully do things you aren't...

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Good Responses For Dealing With Negative People



In this episode of your Weekly Coach with Lacy, we're addressing a fantastic question from our community:

" I need some help with good responses to negative people."

If you seem to always get stuck talking with negative people, if you have a negative team member, family, member or friend you need help with tools to avoid falling into the negativity trap, or if you feel drained of energy after spending time with negative people, or you seem to be a magnet to these people, then watch this video for tools and strategies for dealing with negative people.


To promote positivity and rid yourself of negativity, apply the following life hacks to your day:

Set your own energy and intention for your day.
Like attracts like, so the more clear and focused and deliberate you are about the energy you put out into the world and the energy you're willing to participate in with others, the better off you are. Few people are actually clear and deliberate about...

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How to Care For Others Without Sacrificing Yourself



In this episode of Weekly Coach, we're addressing the following question:

"How Do I Maintain My Relationships & Care For Others
Without Sacrificing Myself and My Dreams?"

If you struggle to balance your work and relationships along with your own personal time and creative endeavors, watch this video:


It's always the seemingly simple things that trip us up in life, isn't it? Lately, both in my own life and in the lives of my clients, the big theme that continues to show up is PLANNING and SCHEDULING.

Your greatest struggles and your most brilliant answers
lie in your ability to honor your values and
adequately plan time for them.

If we can get clear about what we value and plan it into our days accordingly, we'll master our days, our weeks and ultimately our lives. In this video, I'll cover some tools, and tips I've learned from others and that I use in my own life to help you achieve greater balance and fulfillment. By the end of the video you'll...

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Get Out of Your Own Way + Create Real Success Doing What You Love



If you're feeling less than happy and joyous and generally excited about your life, your career, or where it's going... if you don't light up about what you do, or you're frustrated about your relationships, friendships, dreams or life itself, watch this video:



“Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman

My challenge to you today is to think about what you DO light up about, think about what you do ENJOY. Think about if you didn't make any money doing it, what would you do? Now get curious about how you could create a lifestyle where you could do more of THAT good stuff.

If you can be successful at something you don't really love,
you can ABSOLUTELY light this world up and be remarkably
SUCCESSFUL doing what you LOVE.

The energy of doing what you love and the passion of who you are...

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How to Remain Hopeful



In this episode of Weekly Coach with Lacy, I asked our community share some topics you all are struggling with so that together we could work through it. Today I'm addressing this question:

                                      "How do I remain hopeful with the news
                                                and the current social unrest?"


This topic is a huge one for all of us and for many causes a lot of distress whether we're actively aware of it or not. 

Right before we expand into something beautiful we hadn't known before, there is often deep struggle, trauma and upset... It's part of moving into a bigger better version of who we are. That's been true throughout the history of the world. It's how we evolve, grow and move...

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Change Your Life By Changing Your Beliefs



In this episode of Weekly Coach with Lacy, I'm talking about one of the most POWERFUL topics in all of human existence. It sounds dramatic, I know, but wait until you listen in... You'll find that it is our BELIEFS that drives EVERYTHING we do, the reasons we form habits, and ultimately determines the kind of lives we lead... for better or worse.

This topic inspired me when I woke up one morning thinking about what percent of my beliefs I'm actually aware of, that work for me... and then what percent of my beliefs I'm completely unaware of or that don't really work for me... I was surprised, and I'll tell you why in the video. 

If you're feeling frustrated or you're wanting more and better for yourself, or maybe you're just plain curious about the beliefs you have that run your life, then watch this video. You'll learn how to hack your beliefs and move from frustrated, upset, bored or anxious, to confident in your beliefs, and clearly living into a new result...

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How to Change Your Mindset

choice mindset weekly coach Feb 05, 2019


In this episode of the Weekly Coach, we're digging deep into the stories we tell ourselves.

Are they real?
Why are we hung up on them?
What do we need validated before we can let them go?
Do they serve us?
If no, how can we tell a better story that supports our future, our growth, what we want and what makes us happy?

How can we leave behind the story of blame, hurt, failure, and pain to tell a story of surviving, of writing our own stories... of making life better than we could have imagined.



Use these small daily tools in this episode to identify the stories you tell yourself (and others!) and learn how to honor your pain or struggle while changing your story to a more positive, empowered one filled with choice and opportunity for you.

You can do this. You deserve good things. You deserve to be happy. But first, you must make the choice to be.

Share your story in the comments below.

What resonated most for you in this video? What's the story you've...

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High Five Friday: Motivation, Asking, Planning + 2019 Goals



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

1. What I'm learning: This week I've been honing in on my calendar. Each day I plan things out down to the 30 minute mark. I've found lately that I seem over ambitious about what I can get done and sometimes I find myself sneaking things in that aren't part of the agenda. It's been fun learning from the past day as I plan the next day for greater success. I really want to know what motivates people, what gets things done and what pulls us all from our emotions and distractions into greater purpose and productivity.  

2. What I'm reading right now: I made a goal this year to read one book per month. This month I'm reading "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. I love her kick-in-the-butt advise and coaching. In her book, Rachel addresses the seemingly simple habits and ways of doing, being...

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High Five Friday: 2018 Year End Review



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

I sat down yesterday to conduct my Year End Review. It was one of the most powerful 60 minutes I have spent in the past few months and a perfect way to prep for setting some 2019 goals!... In the coming days, I will dedicate more time to set my personal and professional goals for the year, but for now, I'd like to share my Year End Review questions with you. If you're looking for something to help you learn from 2018 and ROCK 2019 with focus and power, then take these questions and carve out some time to answer them for yourself.


1. Year End Review... What I'm Asking Myself (and Bravely Answering): 

  • 5 things I'm most grateful for…

  • 3 things I missed appreciating this year...

  • 5 things I struggled with the most...

  • 1 way I could've handled each of those things better...

  • 5 things I need...
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