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22 questions that will completely change how you live

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We live in such an incredible time. We can literally live and work anywhere in the world and make a living. There has been no other time quite like this where the only limit to our experience is our ideas, our beliefs and our commitment to making it happen. Many people are feeling pulled to adventure. To travel and explore the world around us. We’re pushing the limits of the stable job, the 8-5, and living in the same place for our entire life.

So the question is, what would it look like for you to live your life of your own terms?

Pull out your journal or a piece of paper and complete the following questions:

1. What do you value most in life?

2. What are your deal breakers? (these are things that if they happened, you would be done … be it with your job, your relationship, your career)

3. What are you tolerating right now?

4. What would your ideal day look like? 

5. What would need to happen in order for you to live your ideal day? 

6. What things have you been meaning to do, but just haven't yet? 

7. Look at the answers to your above questions. What ONE thing you willing to do to live life on your terms? 

Powerful questions lead to even more powerful discoveries about ourselves. The point in these last 7 questions was to help you remember who you are at your best and most powerful self. This allows you to develop a foundation for who you are, who you want to be and what you stand for.

Now let's move this forward one step further. Are you with me? Okay. Now to get a glimpse into what truly matters for you, we’re going to do an exercise where you reverse engineer your life. This is one of my favorite tools that I’ve ever learned. It’s a life changer. Are you ready? Of course you are. Let’s do this!

Take a moment to get quiet, if you’re standing, sit down. Keep that journal or paper handy and jot down important insights as they come to mind.

Take a deep breath and let your mind think about yourself at age 70, 80, 90, even 100 years old. As your mind contemplates you at these ages, I’d like to ask you a few questions to help you identify who you are, what you value and what matters most to you… your answers to these questions will help you quite literally create the rest of your life.

1. What stories do you want to tell of the person that you were, that you ARE?

2. What will make you the most proud to say you did, saw, experienced, loved?

3. What will you care most about?

4. What won’t matter at all?

5. What did you waste your time on?

6. What used to scare you when you were younger, but doesn’t anymore? Why?

7. What scares you now at this older age in life?

8. Is it the same as what scared you earlier in life?

9. What matters the most to you?

10. What do you wish you had done?

11. What do you regret? 

…. Now take a deep breath. These are heavy questions and even deeper answers, but it is in asking powerful questions that we free ourselves. We find clarity of purpose, passion, meaning and fulfillment. Isn’t now the best time to ask these questions? BEFORE you reach 80, 90, and 100 years old? Now you have time, you can do something about the answers. You can create a life based on your answers.

Knowing your answer to all of these questions, how will you choose to live NOW? Take some time and write that down.

1. What will you do differently?

2. What must you start or stop doing?

3. What do you need to learn?

4. Who do you need to talk to?

Maybe those fears holding you back now are stepping stones leading you to what you’ve always wanted… maybe it’s worth the risk, worth the adventure, worth the story and the thrill of it all. We only get one shot at this life. Live it bold and brave and with purpose, passion and conviction.

Finding your way to a life you absolutely love and a contribution that will be remembered many years after you’re gone is legendary. You, my friend, are a legend. You have the power. I know this because you have all of the answers you need right here, right in front of you. You know what you want, you know how you want to feel, what you need, what your soul calls for, and exactly how you’ll feel if you betray the craving of your life experience. This right here -- your answers to all of these beautiful questions -- is your roadmap. THIS is how you live life on your terms.

Begin with your personalized roadmap This is a tool, use it to help you in your pursuits.

Have you been keeping yourself from the life you want to live? Or maybe you hadn't really thought about what's possible for you until now. 

Share your story in the comments below.

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