Change Your Life By Changing Your Beliefs



In this episode of Weekly Coach with Lacy, I'm talking about one of the most POWERFUL topics in all of human existence. It sounds dramatic, I know, but wait until you listen in... You'll find that it is our BELIEFS that drives EVERYTHING we do, the reasons we form habits, and ultimately determines the kind of lives we lead... for better or worse.

This topic inspired me when I woke up one morning thinking about what percent of my beliefs I'm actually aware of, that work for me... and then what percent of my beliefs I'm completely unaware of or that don't really work for me... I was surprised, and I'll tell you why in the video. 

If you're feeling frustrated or you're wanting more and better for yourself, or maybe you're just plain curious about the beliefs you have that run your life, then watch this video. You'll learn how to hack your beliefs and move from frustrated, upset, bored or anxious, to confident in your beliefs, and clearly living into a new result thanks to those new beliefs you've adopted. I believe we all want to feel better and I know this episode will help you just as it has helped me and my clients. 

Once you learn the daily 3 step process I teach people to use to hack their own beliefs, you'll be a belief changing ninja! This is your roadmap to figuring out how you think, what works for you, what doesn't and how to replace it with a more supportive belief. 

This is how you create new beliefs, which then create new habits and patterns which then changes your life, because all we are is a series of made up habits. We are the beliefs in our head, and based on the beliefs in our head we live out all the habits that make true the beliefs in our head... That my friends, is how we live.

We prove what we believe so if something is not working for you, change your belief and you will literally change your life.

You can do this. You deserve good things. You deserve to be happy. But first, you must make the choice to be.

Share your story in the comments below.

What resonated most for you in this video? As you did the exercise with me, what did you discover isn't really working for you? (In other words, what tolerations and frustrations come up for you on a daily basis? What things do you mumble to yourself or get angry and confrontational about?) Next, what new belief did you adopt about the situation, yourself or another person? Now, what's your new result that you can start benefitting from and living into today?

We're all in this together and if we do it right, we're better together. Please be honest, kind, vulnerable and detailed in your sharing. Many beautiful souls come to this blog each week looking for support and inspiration. You're sharing may just help someone find their own breakthrough. If this video helped you, or you believe it could help others, please share it.


Cheering you on,

P.S. - If there's anyone in your life who feels stuck in their own story or needs help shifting their beliefs, please share this post. It might be just what they need to have their own breakthrough. 


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