High Five Friday: 2018 Year End Review



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

I sat down yesterday to conduct my Year End Review. It was one of the most powerful 60 minutes I have spent in the past few months and a perfect way to prep for setting some 2019 goals!... In the coming days, I will dedicate more time to set my personal and professional goals for the year, but for now, I'd like to share my Year End Review questions with you. If you're looking for something to help you learn from 2018 and ROCK 2019 with focus and power, then take these questions and carve out some time to answer them for yourself.


1. Year End Review... What I'm Asking Myself (and Bravely Answering): 

  • 5 things I'm most grateful for…

  • 3 things I missed appreciating this year...

  • 5 things I struggled with the most...

  • 1 way I could've handled each of those things better...

  • 5 things I need to let go of or forgive myself for...

  • Who deserves some forgiveness or greater appreciation from me now?

  • 5 things I achieved this year that I'm proud of...

  • 3 more things I could've achieved if I would have trusted myself...

  • 5 things that I'll remind myself of so that I can succeed more in the next 12 months...

  • 3 things I'm going to really need someone else to tell me...

(Big love and gratitude to my Coach, trainer, and friend, Brendon Burchard, for sharing these questions with me. He is a MASTER at asking transformation questions.)

2. What I'm Asking Myself (and Bravely Answering) When It Comes to My Relationship:

A great thing that we did:

A not-so-great thing we did:

Describe 2018 in one word:

How can I show up better for you in 2019? (ask your partner + write down their reply)

(Thank you to Dave & Rachel Hollis for sharing these 4 relationship questions on their latest podcast)

3. What I'm Thinking About: Planning. I always bucked having a set schedule, specific hours and tasks to complete. Until now. I spend quite a few hours per week thinking through, planning and readying myself for success and it's working! I've been playing with a weekly calendar detailing everything that needs to be done within a normal work day. It feels like a relief and it removes the emotional attachment to entrepreneurship and creating content so that instead of saying, "I don't feel like doing that." I say, "This is what I'm doing because it's on my list today." 

4. A quote that I'm pondering: "I was trying so hard to do EVERYTHING, that I neglected to let myself do SOMETHING."  This came to me a few evenings ago. What a realization. I tend to set my expectations high... too high sometimes. In attempt to do it all, I overwhelm myself with the simple act of doing SOMETHING each day in the direction of my dreams. I'm reminding myself lately that one thing done daily adds up to 365 things in a year... that's a lot of somethings worth doing!

5. Something I'm Learning: I'm learning how to celebrate wins each day, no matter how big or small. It's easy to get caught up in the things left to do without recognizing what we have accomplished. So lately and in 2019, I'll be choosing at least one thing each day to honor and celebrate. 


Which high-five above most resonated with you? Do you find this valuable? Other suggestions or comments? Let me know! Just comment below.

Happy weekend!

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