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High Five Friday for May 11, 2018

Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly dose of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

  1. What I'm Reading -- My wife and I are currently focusing our attention on leveling up our financial game. Neither of us grew up with a strong understanding of money, how to have it work for us, how to invest, or even how to fully value ourselves. We confided in our friend, Carla, and she shared an incredibly powerful book to help us on our journey (thank you, Carla!!!). We are LOVING this book (even taking turning reading it so we can both soak it up!) I hope this book helps you too: Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth To Grow Your Net Worth by Nancy Levin. 

  1. What I'm Watching -- This week I had a realization that about 5 years ago, I abandoned many of the tools, habits, hacks and rituals that got me to some of the BEST places in my life. I grew up listening to self-improvement tapes, attending personal development seminars, churches, and drum circles. I even learned how to train my brain to work for me, and how to heal my body from a Reiki Shaman friend I met when I was 9 years old... 

    As a result of what I'd learned growing up, I had everything that I needed to help me to survive depression in high school, 3 really major traumatic surgeries, 2 life-threatening bacterial infections, and I even learned how to heal the chronic pain that followed my surgeries. (More on my story here)

    I'm working now to return to those practices I used not only to survive, but to THRIVE and get all of the jobs, opportunities, healing and life experiences I wanted. 
    This video is just about as close as I can find to the things that I learned as a child and am returning to now:

  2. What I'm Listening To -- I've been writing a lot lately, both for my clients and for myself. For that reason, I haven't listened to many podcasts, so I'll save those for a later time. I find that I hit my creative flow most easily (and happily) while listening to acoustic piano music. There's a magic about piano music for me. As the piano plays along, I find myself typing along in unison. It feels as if I'm creating the music as my fingers dance along my own keyboard composing my own great symphony of sound through words. I connect with the range of emotions within each song piece and the flow of the music helps me to forward my creativity. I listen most often to: Piano Guys and Jon Schmidt on Pandora

  3. What I'm Thinking About -- "I become when I think about all day long... And once you know that what you think about is what expands, you start getting real careful about what you think about. You don't let your thoughts be on anything you don't want or wouldn't want to manifest for you in your life." - Wayne Dyer

    Lately I've discovered that I've let my mind run away with itself a bit. Kind of like a kid left alone in party store on halloween. It's kinda scary. I haven't maintained the structure, discipline and mindset that I cultivated early on in my life to maintain a strong, healthy, positive and powerful mind, body and soul connection. As I pursue more of the daily rituals that helped me maintain health, happiness, personal growth and success, this quote by Wayne Dyer rings ever so true.

    I'll likely revisit one of my all-time favorite books by Shad Helmstetter, "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself." Self-talk and internal dialogue is such a big one that I personally battle. This book transformed my entire mind and inner world when I first read it 20 years ago. 

  4. What I'm Learning -- This weeks theme seems to be learning from my past. I remember when I observed as a teenager that most of what we're taught, is backwards. For example, we say "I'll believe it when I see it." But really, the way life and energy and results happen is by first believing it. It is only then that you will SEE it. I'm re-learning that we have a lot more power over what we experience than we give ourselves credit for. What we lack though, is the clarity of what we want. 

So this week, I've been practicing being clear about my goals for May, being clear about what I want to accomplish during the day, and when I need some support or a resource, putting it out there into the world and excitedly awaiting the chance to made that connection. For example, I set a goal to bring on 3 new clients by the end of May and I received 2 inquiries in the last 2 days! Where clarity goes, energy flows, my friends! 

Which high-five above most resonated with you? Do you find this valuable? Other suggestions or comments? Let me know! Just comment here and put #HighFiveFriday at the end so that I can find it. 

Happy weekend!

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