How to Change Your Mindset

choice mindset weekly coach Feb 05, 2019


In this episode of the Weekly Coach, we're digging deep into the stories we tell ourselves.

Are they real?
Why are we hung up on them?
What do we need validated before we can let them go?
Do they serve us?
If no, how can we tell a better story that supports our future, our growth, what we want and what makes us happy?

How can we leave behind the story of blame, hurt, failure, and pain to tell a story of surviving, of writing our own stories... of making life better than we could have imagined.



Use these small daily tools in this episode to identify the stories you tell yourself (and others!) and learn how to honor your pain or struggle while changing your story to a more positive, empowered one filled with choice and opportunity for you.

You can do this. You deserve good things. You deserve to be happy. But first, you must make the choice to be.

Share your story in the comments below.

What resonated most for you in this video? What's the story you've been telling yourself? Where do you need validation in order to move forward? What new story can you begin telling yourself about you and about others TODAY?

We're all in this together and if we do it right, we're better together. Please be honest, kind, vulnerable and detailed in your sharing. Many beautiful souls come to this blog each week looking for support and inspiration. You're sharing may just help someone find their own breakthrough.

Cheering you on,

P.S. - If there's anyone in your life who feels stuck in their own story or needs help shifting their mindset, please share this post. It might be just what they need to have their own breakthrough. 


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