7 Ways To Get Out of Your Own Way


"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.



 There will always be a reason that the timing isn’t right. Or you don’t know where it’s all going and why, so you neglect to begin. That’s why this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is so important. It’s profound in it’s simplicity, but powerful when actually done. That is why you must simply begin right here and now.

So instead of skeptically asking ourselves
“What is it all for?” or stating, “I need to know what it will it look like in 3 years from now before I will begin.”

We must instead ask ourselves this:

What is the FIRST thing you can do in pursuit of that relationship, career, or life you want?"

Without judgement, without letting fear wreak havoc on your mind. Declare your starting point and START now. With each and every step...

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3 Steps to Get Yourself UNstuck



Most of us aren’t depressed. We aren’t uninspired. We don’t lack passion, dreams or ideas. In fact, what most of us are, is stuck.

We're depressed because we want something more, something different, something better, more our style, more real and true and congruent with our passions and purpose in life. When we know too much, like what our soul longs for, what would make us happier, more playful, loving, and kind, even a better contributor to our world, we must actually go forth and do that. It is when we stifle the energy that becomes us, that we grow depressed, listless, self-hating and sabotaging.

We say we’re uninspired, but we’re actually just scared. We need to summon the courage to push forward to something greater for ourselves, for our vision, for our future. We get “uninspired” because we’ve allowed inspiration in to play and we’ve waited too long to take action to allow inspiration to become our...

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How I Changed My Life (and you can, too!)

If there is something out there that you dream of, something that you have not taken on yet, that inspires and motivates you, or if it's been a while, maybe it kind of haunts you, try getting a Coach.

Try at least questioning.
Pick up a book that inspires you.
Think about who you would have to become to pursue this passion and joy.
What would you have to give up?
How would you like you life to be?
Right now, if you could do and be and live anything, honestly, be honest with yourself, what would that be? 
What are your 3 biggest goals for this next quarter... for these next 3 months? Write them down.

We've only got this one, and if we do it right, we are better together. If we do it right we spend it pursuing our dreams, our passions, and our goals. I believe that if you know something that can help someone, it's our responsibility to share it. That's why I'm here. That why I recoded this video. That's why I care about you. I care about what you do, who you are, and what...

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Currently Reading: Brene' Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert & Tig Notaro

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2017


Brene' Brown has a soulful way of sharing her life stories in ways that remind us of our own. She helps us to be vulnerable while being strong, brave while feeling scared, wholehearted while feeling broken. This book is chock full of stories and processes for understanding ourselves and as a result, living better, happier and more fulfilling lives. I hope when I look back at my writing, people say that my work read like hers -- soulful, vulnerable and transparent, and full of love and support.



Oh gosh, where do I begin? Well, I'll start with EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON THIS PLANET NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. Especially ANYONE creating their own passions, dreams and work in the world. I'll be reading this book every year for tools to welcome my creativity, and as my Wife says of creativity, "Ride that thing like f*cking magical unicorn!" Read this book. You can thank me later.





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Relationship EQ: How to Stop Playing Mind Games and START Communicating Effectively


Maggie and I get asked often, "You both work so well together. How do you guys do it?" Our response is: We don't play games with each other in our relationship. When you play mind games in love, everyone loses.

Watch this video to learn how to stop playing games and START communicating! 

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Our First Date... 4 years later

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2017

Exactly 4 years ago TODAY, Maggie and I "went out on a limb" as Maggie called it when she asked me out. I said yes and went on our very first date together. Of course we took photos of our outfits and kept our text conversations and emails. It's been exactly FOUR years since Maggie and I went on our first date together. Since then we've adventured all over the place together. It's easy to forget that we each lived so much of life before ever meeting, because frankly it seems impossible that we haven't been in each other's lives all along.

I've always loved reflecting on big moments that changed my life and celebrating them. I've learned so much about my life, the choices I've made, the risks, the regrets (which thankfully are few), and the total transformations of my world. Today is no different. On this day 4 years ago, it may just have seemed like a date, but for me, it changed my world. 

I am so grateful for every single thing that brought us together at the perfect...

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For Our Brain Body Health: My Favorite Meditation Exercise

health mindset spirituality Jan 21, 2017

(This meditative moment was captured beautifully by my Wife, Maggie Kirkland honey-photo.com)

I took a course in college called “Sensation and Perception.” During our 3 months together, we experimented with our understanding of reality and the way the brain makes sense of the world around us. We learned things like: your sight and thus your reaction time is ever so slightly while wearing sunglasses. (that blew my mind, btw). We played with the concepts of hearing as well. Class was often held in a vacant old dark auditorium, which has since been demolished and rebuilt after I graduated. We often took every chance we got to experience this course out “in the wild” so to speak, often making the campus park blocks our classroom. 

I'm going to share one of my favorite practices with you from that course, one I still do as a sort of meditation, because it feels that energizing and relaxing. I'll share the process and my experience with you and then how you...

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