Good Responses For Dealing With Negative People



In this episode of your Weekly Coach with Lacy, we're addressing a fantastic question from our community:

" I need some help with good responses to negative people."

If you seem to always get stuck talking with negative people, if you have a negative team member, family, member or friend you need help with tools to avoid falling into the negativity trap, or if you feel drained of energy after spending time with negative people, or you seem to be a magnet to these people, then watch this video for tools and strategies for dealing with negative people.


To promote positivity and rid yourself of negativity, apply the following life hacks to your day:

Set your own energy and intention for your day.
Like attracts like, so the more clear and focused and deliberate you are about the energy you put out into the world and the energy you're willing to participate in with others, the better off you are. Few people are actually clear and deliberate about...

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