How To Be More Consistent

(This stunning photo was captured by Maggie Kirkland)



I asked myself “How do I write more consistently” and then my brain answered:


“You just do.”


Valid point.


My goal during the coming months is to share short meanderings and curiosities about life via my blog to get back in the flow of organic and authentic writing.


Writing that doesn’t have a destination.


Writing that tickles the curiosities of the soul.


The kind of writing that transports me in time and thrusts me into a magical sort of flow state that I love feeling.

I’ve committed myself to doing things with greater consistency and the only way to do things consistently is by actually PLANNING for them… So I’ll be dedicating the first waking hour of my day to writing these blog posts. No more and no less than an hour. I find that if I push myself to write MORE, I burn out and end up not wanting to write the next day. I...

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The Imperfection of Writing Vulnerably



It’s finally time.


I’ve spent 2+ years and every single coaching session with my Coach this year talking about “writing more for myself.”

And by “more” I mean AT ALL.


Now it’s just annoying.


Why do I refuse to write like I used to? That’s perhaps my greatest question. Maybe I feel I don’t deserve it. I feel like I should be making money not writing about life. Like it has to lead somewhere important and valuable or it’s not worth doing. But writing about life is how I learn, how I contribute, and how I understand the world -- and myself.

Writing IS my currency.

When we first met, Maggie used to say she could feel the energy in the house change when I was writing and she loved it. There was a sort of magic about it. I miss that. I can tell she does, too.


When I stopped writing a couple of years ago, it was difficult not to write at first, but then, like all habits, I got used to...

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