Lacy's High Five Friday 11/02/2018



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

  1. What I'm Reading -- I've literally just cracked the pages on the New York Times Bestseller, "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. I'm super excited about this book because I dig things created by awesome people changing the world. Maggie met Rachel and her husband, Dave, at an event she was photographing and confirmed they're both fantastic human beings. Yessss. 

  1. What I'm Watching -- My Wife and I just finished binge watching season 2 of  "Making A Murderer" on Netflix. My propensity toward social justice and fairness made this show a fascinating unveiling of our judicial system. At the point that we can learn and be curious despite which side we're on, is where change and understanding is made. Watching shows with such high stakes like this one, is a steady reminder of the...
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