Finding Freedom From The Things That Hold Us Back

© 2018 Maggie Kirkland. Photography by my extraordinarily talented Wife.


Lately I’ve been healing, deconstructing and understanding the things that hold me back. The last couple of years have felt stagnant and unfulfilling in many ways for me. I’ve felt it a couple of times previously in life, but I’m still not used to it. It’s uncomfortable and maddening. It surprises me, though I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise really at all.


It happens when I listen too much to what’s “out there” and not to myself. It happens when people criticize, undervalue or belittle me. Ugh. I let other people get in my head, rattle my thoughts and eventually run my life. It’s weird how that happens, isn’t it? We go along and all of the sudden we wake up one day realizing we’ve let someone else’s beliefs, anger, hurt or agendas become ours. Oh god is it ever uncomfortable.


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