How to Care For Others Without Sacrificing Yourself



In this episode of Weekly Coach, we're addressing the following question:

"How Do I Maintain My Relationships & Care For Others
Without Sacrificing Myself and My Dreams?"

If you struggle to balance your work and relationships along with your own personal time and creative endeavors, watch this video:


It's always the seemingly simple things that trip us up in life, isn't it? Lately, both in my own life and in the lives of my clients, the big theme that continues to show up is PLANNING and SCHEDULING.

Your greatest struggles and your most brilliant answers
lie in your ability to honor your values and
adequately plan time for them.

If we can get clear about what we value and plan it into our days accordingly, we'll master our days, our weeks and ultimately our lives. In this video, I'll cover some tools, and tips I've learned from others and that I use in my own life to help you achieve greater balance and fulfillment. By the end of the video you'll...

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High Five Friday: donuts, dancing and destiny + I'm working out



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

1. What I'm Celebrating: TODAY I am celebrating the very first day my Wife and I met SIX years ago and the love and dedication we've given to creating a beautiful life together everyday since. My life changed December 14th, 2012 when I got a text from an unknown phone number saying, "Hi, this is your new friend, Maggie. You should come out with us tonight." *insert 3 dancing girl emojis here* Who could pass that up?! 

I quickly put on some makeup, my red high heels, black skinny jeans, a brown sleeveless shirt and showed up to the bar my new friend Maggie and our mutual friends were at. We danced, we told stories, we got drinks overlooking the city, we ate VooDoo donuts at 1am, and we laughed so hard we cried. When the night was over, I drove Maggie to her car and told her to text me when she...

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