How I Changed My Life (and you can, too!)

If there is something out there that you dream of, something that you have not taken on yet, that inspires and motivates you, or if it's been a while, maybe it kind of haunts you, try getting a Coach.

Try at least questioning.
Pick up a book that inspires you.
Think about who you would have to become to pursue this passion and joy.
What would you have to give up?
How would you like you life to be?
Right now, if you could do and be and live anything, honestly, be honest with yourself, what would that be? 
What are your 3 biggest goals for this next quarter... for these next 3 months? Write them down.

We've only got this one, and if we do it right, we are better together. If we do it right we spend it pursuing our dreams, our passions, and our goals. I believe that if you know something that can help someone, it's our responsibility to share it. That's why I'm here. That why I recoded this video. That's why I care about you. I care about what you do, who you are, and what...

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For Our Brain Body Health: My Favorite Meditation Exercise

health mindset spirituality Jan 21, 2017

(This meditative moment was captured beautifully by my Wife, Maggie Kirkland

I took a course in college called “Sensation and Perception.” During our 3 months together, we experimented with our understanding of reality and the way the brain makes sense of the world around us. We learned things like: your sight and thus your reaction time is ever so slightly while wearing sunglasses. (that blew my mind, btw). We played with the concepts of hearing as well. Class was often held in a vacant old dark auditorium, which has since been demolished and rebuilt after I graduated. We often took every chance we got to experience this course out “in the wild” so to speak, often making the campus park blocks our classroom. 

I'm going to share one of my favorite practices with you from that course, one I still do as a sort of meditation, because it feels that energizing and relaxing. I'll share the process and my experience with you and then how you...

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