Lacy's High Five Friday 11/09/2018



Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly digest of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.


1. What Is Changing My Work Life -- For the last year or so, Maggie and I tried to work together in the same office and I'm just too distracted by basically everything. So, I took my desk on wheels over to another room with a white board, a headset and my laptop and I get. to. work! I have been loving the time and space I get to accomplish my own to-do's. Since Maggie and I both work from home most of the time, we had to create a system to indicate when we needed to not to be interrupted. So, we put our items out in front of our office doors... Maggie's is a Holga camera and mine is a "You Matter" hat that I hang on the door knob. When either of those are on display, we know not to disturb each other. We also communicate when we are planning to end our workdays and amazingly, we...

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High Five Friday for May 11, 2018

Hi Friends!

Here is your weekly dose of “High Five Friday,” a list of things that are adding value to my life or capturing my attention this week.

  1. What I'm Reading -- My wife and I are currently focusing our attention on leveling up our financial game. Neither of us grew up with a strong understanding of money, how to have it work for us, how to invest, or even how to fully value ourselves. We confided in our friend, Carla, and she shared an incredibly powerful book to help us on our journey (thank you, Carla!!!). We are LOVING this book (even taking turning reading it so we can both soak it up!) I hope this book helps you too: Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth To Grow Your Net Worth by Nancy Levin. 

  1. What I'm Watching -- This week I had a realization that about 5 years ago, I abandoned many of the tools, habits, hacks and rituals that got me to some of the BEST places in my life. I grew up listening to self-improvement tapes, attending...
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