The Imperfection of Writing Vulnerably



It’s finally time.


I’ve spent 2+ years and every single coaching session with my Coach this year talking about “writing more for myself.”

And by “more” I mean AT ALL.


Now it’s just annoying.


Why do I refuse to write like I used to? That’s perhaps my greatest question. Maybe I feel I don’t deserve it. I feel like I should be making money not writing about life. Like it has to lead somewhere important and valuable or it’s not worth doing. But writing about life is how I learn, how I contribute, and how I understand the world -- and myself.

Writing IS my currency.

When we first met, Maggie used to say she could feel the energy in the house change when I was writing and she loved it. There was a sort of magic about it. I miss that. I can tell she does, too.


When I stopped writing a couple of years ago, it was difficult not to write at first, but then, like all habits, I got used to...

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