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I'm a Certified High Performance Coach and I am obsessed with change. Here's what you need to know about me: I've gone through 3 BIG changes in my life.


I was born 1 in 300,000 with a birth defect. I don't have an esophagus and I live without the use of my stomach. I have undergone 2 major unnamed surgeries, 3 other major surgeries, and  2 life-threatening infections. I was told I wouldn't survive and that even if I did, I'd live with chronic pain. I have scars totaling 4 feet in length throughout my torso. I'm living proof that there is ALWAYS a way.


I was 28 years old when I realized I'm gay. It was the best and most terrifying thing. I questioned everything and yet for the first time in my life I finally felt at home in my body. Today, I am married to the absolute LOVE. OF. MY. LIFE. This was my only wedding photo request.


I started my first business at 10 years old. I was a pet and house-sitter. At 13 years old, I started my own lawn and yard maintenance service. Between 18-24, I tried to blend in, but I just couldn't -- I quit 3 "jobs" on the first day. Then, at 25, I started my own consulting and coaching business. I've been doing it ever since! 




What Clients Are Saying...

Brendon Burchard

"THANK YOU for all your support, dedication, excellence and everyday AWESOMENESS, Lacy. When I needed your support more than ever, when our team needed you, when my health and our events and launch hung in the balance, you stepped in and stepped up. I'll never forget it and I'm so grateful."

JJ Virgin

"Lacy is the BEST people person on the planet. She's great for creating a positive culture. We did 3 New York Times Bestselling book launches with Lacy on our team. If you are looking for someone who can come in and create a positive culture in your business, find those key people that you need to have on your team, and keep everyone focused, on task, and happy doing what they're doing, Lacy Kirkland is your gal. I can't recommend her highly enough. I will always be grateful to her for what she has done for my business." 

Mary Rarick

 "I can’t begin to express how I feel that we’ve already seen your value for the month… and it’s only the 10th! You are exactly what we needed. Thank you!"

"Lacy, I have worked with coaches before and I can honestly say - you are like no other - The BEST! You go way beyond what I could have hoped for."

Architectural Color Consultant

"Lacy's passion and energy to help others is infectious and genuine. Her inner strength and outer presence is amazing. her ability to quickly connect to serve others is the definition of professional grace. She builds trust quickly and with confidence. She listens well and follows up impeccably. Her background and experiences and prepared her for an incredible journey of serving others well through empathetic, practical, and logical steps that get packed in a delightful experience for those she coaches."

Tom Schulte
Leadership Consultant

"I've never had this experience with other companies that I've worked with before. There was no Lacy at those companies. I've never had someone ask me things like this and care about me like this."

Social Media Manager

"Lacy's enthusiasm and empathy made her the perfect person to help me dig into what matters most to me, to find and address the hurdles holding me back, and to give me a clear path forward. She asked the questions that helped me examine how I tick and discover parts of me I NEVER would have imagined. Ever since our first session, I have been able to shed so much of the doubt and uncertainty that drove my decisions before, and gave me the confidence to move toward the things that bring me happiness—both in work and at home. Lacy helped me find clarity and focus in the things I was working toward, and more purpose in the things I was already working on. I couldn't be happier."

Web + App Developer, University Professor

"I’m genuinely living a more passionate life these days, than 3 months ago when I was just leaving [my job]. Sure, I’ve done some bigger things like the national parks road trip and am amping up for our Scotland trip, but even the little things day-to-day feel less like going through the motions and more like things I want to accomplish because I am truly passionate about them. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a good feeling."

Financial Consultant to Startups

"I feel you’re in it with me, partner with me, if funds were limitless, we would keep you on. You’re having to work in a rainy field you’re a delightful person to be in relationship with, every interaction with you is a sunny one. The force of your personality is such that it doesn't feel like a struggle while we’re in it, When we’re in interaction, I know we’ll be okay."

Operations Consultant

"Each week I was able to fill in these "ruts" bit by bit until I was on solid ground again. This came through exploring the habits, life events, etc. that had me feeling stuck in the first place and creating achievable goals to move me forward. Once I was on solid ground again I regained my confidence and clarity. Situations that had seemed insurmountable in the past now seemed more than manageable."

Operations + Program Development

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